Hey y'all! ♥
I'm going to jump right in and introduce myself. My name is Danyelle. This company of 'ours' is only possible with the help from my biggest supporter, the greatest assistant and incredible father/hubs, Keith.
I am a full time, self-taught photographer providing services to the St. Louis area and surrounding cities, yet we love our wanderlust side and would love to travel to
your destination! 
A few things about me.. I love fall. I am a fair weather fan. Love being surrounded by people. I get sucked in to netflix and totally binge out once I find a show...Walking Dead, Nashville, Shameless, This is us, and Game of Thrones.... to list a few of my most recents. Completely in love with being outside, our patio is my 'zone'. I get extremely excited over even the smallest thing and I get caught up in the moment as well as lost in the moment.
I have had a slew of random jobs in my younger years... ranch hand, butcherer, carriage driver, dog groomer, even found myself mason tending {fancy term for bricklayer laborer... worked for my dad's company} This slew of jobs led me to right where i needed to be... here. In all that mess, I had always had a love and passion for art and design. I can honestly say this job found me when I needed it the most. 
When I am not shooting, I love being with my family. I love spending my time with these littles of ours....wouldn't have it any other way! 
When life gives you the best jobs in the world, it warms the heart. We would love to have you in front of camera to capture your next treasured moment! 
We look forward to your next session with us! 
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